WHO Tuberculosis Data & ggplot2

So it has been a while since my previous post on some data taken from the UNHCR database. This post we'll bring it back to the topic of infectious diseases (check out my other posts on the SIR model and MRSA typing). For this post, as similar to previous ones, I give a guide through the... Continue Reading →

Descriptive Analysis of MLST Data for MRSA

During one of my summers, I had the opportunity to conduct some research on the prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in vulnerable populations and examining US emergency department data and I thought this would be a pretty interesting topic to expand on for my thesis in light of the increasing concerns of antimicrobial resistance, both... Continue Reading →

SIR model with deSolve & ggplot2

This is my first post ever and in 2017!  Since I am recent graduate and currently un-employed, my hope is to upload some interesting material on using R on a weekly basis. Making this an informative and motivational blog to share my interests and mini-projects in R. Now on to this post's material... Last year in my infectious... Continue Reading →

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